Search Optimization

Attract ~ Connect ~ Sell

Many businesses realize that Web 2.0 is impacting them; they just don’t know how to seize the opportunity and make it work for their company. So they find themselves wrestling with three major problems.

Number One: Is your website being seen?

It’s easy for your website to get lost in the search engine results among the 1000’s or millions of competitors.

Number Two: If you are using search engine optimization or SEO, to help elevate your site in the search engine rankings, how do you know that it’s working?

SEO for many companies is a confusing black hole that is slow in results and hard to evaluate as to return on investment.

Number Three: If you are successful in getting visitors to your website, how do you convert them to customers?

The conversion rate for the typical website is low. In fact, 99% of visitors to most websites never contact the company.

If this sounds all too familiar; then you have found the solution to these problems and more with “Viral SEO Web Marketing”. You’ll find our service to be quite different than most. Our results are quick, creative, customer driven, and easy to evaluate. We specialize in helping you take the power in Web 2.0 and make it work for your company to attract, connect, and sell.

Viral SEO Web Marketing Campaign

Analyze current search rank

Analyze website structure

Create landing page with email capture

Create video for landing page

Create additional videos for campaign blasts


PR Release

Blog posts

Ongoing campaign blasts


Optional Services

Pre-Launch Website Tune-up

Complete Website or Make Over

Additional Landing Pages

Blog Page

Web Hosting

Video Production

Virtual Sets