Video Services

For over 27 years Action Video has been providing professional video services to the residents  and businesses of the Bay Area and beyond. Please see the variety of services we offer in our drop down menus.

For our Consumer clients:

Action Video can transfer your home movies to DVD and other digital formats. We offer foreign tape and DVD conversion. We create photo montages, video tributes, sports resume videos for your aspiring children or tribute videos for special events and historical archives. Action Video can fulfill your video needs. Once produced your video presentation can be put on DVDs, CDs or files for websites and other internet sites.

For our Business clients:

Action Video’s video productions, duplications and tranfers help our clients communicate more effectively with their customers or employees. During our 27 years in business Action Video has produced award winning videos for corporate, commercial, legal and government agencies. Weather it be product demonstration, safety, training, business overviews, sales presentations etc… Action Video can provide a solution for your video needs.

Most printed sales materials received in offices usually end up in the trash, but when video is used, you are able to reach potential customers that you could not reach with the typical sales brochure.

Research analysts have found that video is five times more effective in closing sales than the printed brochure. Not only is video an effective sales tool, video is also a valuable part of a company’s training program. With video, information can be presented to employees consistently, no matter who is giving the presentation. Techniques, procedures, and company policies are emphasized through the power of video, making it easier for employees to remember and review vital information. Action Video is a full-scale video production company that has won national awards for its production of business videos. We can help you design a video program that will increase your sales and your company’s productivity. From concept to completion, the staff at Action Video will assist in script development, create a shot list, and arrange a schedule to gather the necessary footage. Action Video uses state-of-the-art video equipment to shoot and edit, giving you a high-quality finished project. We can take your still photographs and create wonderful tribute videos for any occasion or historical record. We offer complete duplication of  DVDs and CDs whether it be one or thousands with simple labeling or full color retail ready packaging. We offer foreign video conversion so you can reach clients anywhere in the world.

Contact us and find out how Action Video can satisfy your business needs.