Transfer Services

Film / Slides / Photo / Audio Transfers

We can take your old home movies, slides, photos and audio and digitally transfer them to DVD, CDs or (in the case of film) as .avi files on a hard drive. No more hassling with projectors, screens, reels, and bad bulbs. Just insert the DVD or CD, push play, and enjoy.

8mm / Super 8mm / 16mm Film:

Just number your reels in the order you want them to appear on the video and we will do the rest.

We treat your film as if it were our own!  The film is cleaned and broken splices are repaired as necessary. The reels are combined onto 400’ plastic reels for archival purposes. Your movies can be left silent or add the style of music your choice. Sound film is transferred with the original sound.

You receive your completed order on a DVD disc or as .avi files on a hard drive, it’s your choice. Your original movie film is returned to you on new 400’ plastic reels. A DVD holds 2 hours of video which equates to 1600 feet of 8mm or Super 8mm film and 3200 feet of 16mm film.

If you don’t live in the Bay Area, you can send us your home movies for transfer. If you are shipping your film be sure to pack it carefully and add insurance to the package. We do this for clients from all across the United States. Click here, print the form and enclose it with your order.

8mm, S8mm, 16mm Transfer Rates:

Base Charge  (includes the 1st 200’ of film) $64.99
Plus per foot charge thereafter $    .16/ft
Over 2hr of film requires additional DVD $29.99
Sound Film $29.99/hr
Background Music $  9.99/hr
Title $  3.99
Chapter $  2.99
Menu  $29.99 

Sales tax and shipping not included

For Extra copies see Duplication