• What is Viral SEO Marketing?

    You’ll find our service to be quite different than most. Our results are quick, creative, customer driven, and easy to evaluate. We specialize in helping you take the power in Web 2.0 and make it work for your company to attract, connect, and sell through what we call, “Influence Marketing.”

    Influence marketing is designed to fit the way consumers shop today. This can be put in four steps that your business needs to achieve to be successful online, they are to:

    Get your customers to know you, like you, respect you, and trust you.

    By harnessing the viral networking capabilities of Web 2.0 with our integrated services, we can create effective quality content representing your company and display it in front of thousands of prospects through multiple channels.

    This not only gives you tremendous exposure, but helps you achieve high search engine rankings not in several months but in days. Sometimes in as little as 48 hours!

    As prospects find you, the information provided helps them not only find a solution to their problem but to get to know you as well.

    We then continue the relationship by funneling them to more information about you and their problem.

    This allow them to benefit immediately from the experience in exchange for their email address.

    Through this process you not only get seen fast, but start a relationship built on trust and providing helpful advice. This relationship can then be continued through an email campaign which leads to increased sales.

    All of this is part of our Viral SEO Web Marketing Service featuring a winning strategy to bring you and your potential customer together.

    Depending on your company’s needs; we:

    Begin by evaluating and understanding your product or service.

    Do an in-depth keyword research to uncover the best search terms to bring you the best results

    Do a complete website analysis on your current website.

    Analyze your top competitor’s websites to determine what keywords are working for them.

    Create written content such as product descriptions, and company information or promotions for posting on social media and social bookmarking websites.

    Create product reviews, and articles to be used on blogs and article marketing sites.

    Create PR Articles to send out to PR pages

    Create Internet Videos to be used to drive prospects to a landing page.

    Create a landing page with a 2 min video on it detailing your unique selling proposition and offering the prospect a free report in exchange for their email address.

    Guide you in setting up an email campaign for automatic prospect follow-up.

    Create a viral presence for your company by posting content using social media, blogs, RSS feeds, social bookmarking, video sites, article sites and podcasts.

    We achieve high search engine rankings for your company quickly.

    Put Viral SEO Web Marketing to work for you today!

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